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Energy consumption reduction in concrete mixing


FML Concretec GmbH, based in Herborn, Germany, has developed a unique mixing system for ready-mix, on-site and precast concrete plants. The system utilises the technology of treating water to become finer and energetically modified, thus improving the reactivity of the water.

Concrete for energy

It is crucial to reduce energy consumption in buildings because of the significant role this can play in combating unsustainable levels of energy use. European figures show that the energy used for the heating, lighting and cooling of buildings accounts for over 40% of the primary energy consumed.

Energy Consumption and Noise Reduction Research of Fiber and

An experimental study was performed on the energy consumption and noise reduction of cement concrete. The results showed that the modulus of flexure,natural frequencies and logarithmic attenuation rate of concrete decreased when fiber and rubber powder were added together, at the same time, the critical damping ratio of concrete increased.

Mobile Continuous Asphalt Batching Plant_NFLG China

Mixing System: 1. The system uses the simulated and optimized material mixing speed technology. 2. The system ensures that materials in each mixer are homogeneously mixed to increase the mixing efficiency by 25% while reducing energy consumption by 20%. 3.

Concrete Production - an overview

Finally, besides the energy needed for the raw materials production, at the concrete plant electricity and fuel are required for mixing all the components. The energy consumption for the operations at a ready-mix concrete plant has been estimated to be 4% of the embodied energy of concrete (Marceau et al., 2007).

A New Mix Design Method for UHPC based on Stepwise

A New Mix Design Method for UHPC based on Stepwise Optimization of Particle Packing Density Kim Huy Hoang, Philipp Hadl, Nguyen Viet Tue 2 There were many input materials at the beginning of this study. The characteristics of the used materials including cements, silica fumes, quartz powders and quartz sand are described in Table 1.

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YLB Mobile Asphalt Plant

YLB Series mobile asphalt mixing plant is developed, designed, manufactured and put on sale by Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery. It inherits the advantages of LB series asphalt batch mixing plant, and adds new elements including: containerized size, modular design and trailer and mobile chassis which make it possible for container transportation, fast mobilization and relocation.

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The table 4 shows that the target cube strength was achieved at 28 days for all types of concrete. As expected, the compressive strength of RAC is lower than the conventional concrete made from similar mix proportions. The reduction in strength of RAC as compare to NAC is in order of 2- 14% and 7.5 to 16% for M-20 & M-25 concretes respectively.

Effect of Order Placement on Energy Efficiency in Ready

Time series trends of electric energy consumption on each categorized electric system are shown in Figure 3 - Figure 7. Electric consumption of mixing process, in-plant aggregate conveyance process and cement conveyance process have shown off-peak at noon, which corresponds to the off-peek trend of the construction activity at lunch time.

Concrete Technologies – Oman Green Ready Mix LLC – الشركة

Our system to cool the coarse aggregate is not only working fully automated but also with low energy input. This will contribute in a CO2 reduction. Compared to other traditional systems of cooling fresh concrete, our system can save up to 40% of energy consumption witch will generate a cost reduction effect and a much lower carbon foot prints.


industry, whereas truck transport of poured concrete to yards is linked to concrete mixing plants. Emissions of cement and sand dust and noise nuisance are the most important environmental effects of both industries. The water consumption, discharge of waste water, soil contamination and energy consumption are also of concern.

Setting up a Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing Plant. Ready

Reduction in cement consumption by 10 –12 % due to better handling and proper mixing. Further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures or cementitious materials are used. Versatility in uses and methods of placing: The mix design of the concrete can be tailor made to suit the placing methods of the contractor.

How can we reduce concrete’s hefty carbon footprint?

CarbonCure’s technology is a small retrofit to the concrete production process — just a computer system, a tank of waste CO 2 and a tube that can pump that CO 2 into the concrete mix. “It’s simple. It doesn’t require any huge change in the way things are normally operated,” Monkman says.

Concrete Manufacturing Process in modern construction

Mar 21, 2018 · Transporting concrete require great care. After mixing, the concrete transports to site. The mixing carries near the construction site. A bucket, ropeway, belt conveyor use to transport concrete. Readymix conveyor trucks use mostly in the modern construction times. The concrete transporting by conveyor truck has time limits.

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Emerging Energy-efficiency and CO{sub 2} Emission-reduction

@article{osti_1093583, title = {Emerging Energy-efficiency and CO{sub 2} Emission-reduction Technologies for Cement and Concrete Production}, author = {Hasanbeigi, Ali and Price, Lynn and Lin, Elina}, abstractNote = {Globally, the cement industry accounts for approximately 5 percent of current anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) emissions.

Water in Concrete

Apr 23, 2014 · The amount of water in concrete controls many fresh and hardened properties in concrete including workability, compressive strengths, permeability and wate...

Lightweight concrete

Pumping lightweight concrete can be achieved, but care needs to be taken so that the concrete mix doesn’t separate. For pumpable mixes it is usual to use a natural sand, i.e. not to have a lightweight aggregate for the fine portion of the mix and to have a high workability so that increased pump friction and blockage is avoided.

Impact of Hot Cement on the Concrete Mix

The reason for this effect can be traced to the mix proportions and the intrinsic thermal properties of the concrete ingredients. Of the materials added to normal concrete, cement occupies only seven to 15 percent of the concrete volume. Water and aggregates generally constitute approximately 70 to 90 percent of the concrete volume.

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Saving Energy in Ready Mixed Concrete Production

The specific energy consumption of a ready mixed concrete facility depends on climate conditions and the state of the equipment. Energy consumption for ready mixed concrete delivery is estimated to be on the same order of magnitude as the energy consumption at the ready mixed concrete plant.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission from Portland Cement Concrete

Jun 24, 2016 · Energy use for cement concrete production (including the transportation and mixing of cement, aggregate, water, and admixtures) is considerably less than the energy for the production of the Portland cement . Different to hot mix asphalt, Portland cement concrete mixes need no drying of the aggregates prior to mixing, as the extra moisture can ...

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HSE - Noise: Noise good practice – Concrete and cement products

Use wood, fibreglass or rubber moulds instead of metal to reduce impact noise ; Noise control in the concrete products industry: General information. Use of self-compacting concrete (SCC) Example noise levels*: Relatively quite process: no vibration required. SCC (concrete to which chemical plasticisers are added) is increasing in popularity in ...

How computational fluid dynamics is applied to mixer design

Mixing, Blending & Size Reduction; How computational fluid dynamics is applied to mixer design. The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software has grown quickly over the last two decades based on the availability of increasing computing power.

Cement and Concrete: Environmental Considerations

Waste fuels comprise a significant (and growing) part of the energy mix for cement plants (see Table 3), and the Canadian Portland Cement Association estimates that waste fuel could eventually supply up to 50% of the energy. Energy use for concrete production looks considerably better than it does for cement.

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